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We think gin reviews and tasting notes are all too often overcomplicated and confusing these days. Here you won't find the taste of a gin described as "like wet leaves on a summer's day" or "an exotic adventure through the orient". Instead we offer simple, understandable reviews, picking out the predominant flavours, best garnishes and serving suggestions.

We feature a different carefully chosen gin each week, alongside competitions on Twitter giving you the chance to win free bottles. If you would like to recommend a Gin of the Week email

Most recent reviews...

Lussa Gin

Super fresh and earthy flavours reflect the rugged nature of the botanicals

Orkney - Rhubarb Old Tom

Tart rhubarb matched with classic Old Tom sweetness

Malfy Originale Gin

Classic juniper-led with dry coriander spice

Brighton Gin

Soft, perfectly balanced sweet and sharp citrus

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