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Here at Gin Rag we love our gin. We couldn’t be happier with the recent Gin-aissance, and yet we think the way it is written about is often all wrong. Gin has traditionally been a drink for the masses, and we want to keep it like that. Here you’ll find easy-to-understand, no-nonsense reviews that attempt to get to the heart of each gin in as few words as possible.


Each week we feature a different, delicious Gin of the Week, with the story behind it, tasting notes, and gin and tonic garnish suggestions. We also pick a cocktail that goes perfectly with each gin, building up an A-Z bank of cracking gin cocktail recipes.

What’s more, because we want as many people as possible to taste the beautiful gins we feature, we run competitions giving away bottles with almost every single review.

Latest gin reviews...

King of Soho

Smooth London Dry with sherbety grapefruit

6 O'Clock

Layer upon layer of zesty lemon; this really is one of the most refreshing gins we have tasted.


Top quality & award-winning classic London Dry

Gin cocktails...

Soho Sling

A complex lime, apple & ginger mix, perfect on a ssummer's evening.

Clover Club

Find the recipe for this silky smooth, raspberry cocktail

French 75

The most spophisticated gin cocktail there is? 

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