Ragnarök Gin

Price: £33 (70cl)
ABV: 44%

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Key notes: Bold, unusual vanilla & liquorice



Many gins take inspiration from their local area, but not many have quite as inspiring a local area as Ragnarök; everything about the gin shows off its Swedish roots.


It all starts with barley local to the Tevsjö distillery in Northern Sweden, which is used to create the base spirit after being processed in a neighbouring mill. The eight botanicals added to the spirit reflect the Swedish wilderness; the prominent four being juniper berries, fresh lingonberries, caraway seeds and dill leaves. The gin is created in small batches in a copper pot still from, you’ve guessed it, Sweden, before being diluted to 44% with local mountain spring water. Each bottle of the complete Ragnarök is then individually filled, sealed and numbered by hand.

Tasting Notes


Bold unusual flavours compete for attention in Ragnarök, yet manage to compliment each other perfectly. There is a soft sweetness of vanilla on the nose and prominent on first tasting, before dry liquorice notes from the caraway take over. Throughout there is a subtle background of red fruit – juicy but not too sweet – from the lingonberries (think cranberry).

Gin and tonic: Dill Pickle


A Swedish take on the traditional G&T, this is an acquired taste but perfect for those who like their pickles. Fill a copa glass with ice, add a double of Ragnarök and 10ml of dill pickle juice. Top with tonic and garnish with dill leaves and lemon zest.


Cocktail: Ligonberry Collins


Another Scandi twist on a classic, this is a lovely variation of a Tom Collins. Fill a tall glass with ice and add 1 part Ragnarök, 1 part lingonberry cordial, a teaspoon of sugar syrup and a squeeze of lemon. Top with soda water and stir gently.

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