Gin Reviews (M - R)

Malfy Gin

Part gin, part lemon liqueur

Napue Gin

Herbs, red fruit & peppery finish

NB Gin

Incredibly clean, classic gin

Opihr Gin

Bold spice, but still balanced

Orkney Gin - Mikkelmas

Warming spice and super smooth

Old Bakery Gin

Bright, fresh juniper and citrus

Malfy Originale

Classic juniper-led with dry coriander spice


London Dry juniper with sweet citrus and warming spice 


Complex, but well balanced juniper, spice and citrus

Pickering's Original 1947

Big spice & super-smooth

Pothecary Gin

Big aromatic herbs, cut with citrus

Ragnarök Gin

Bold, unusual vanilla & liquorice

Rock Rose Gin

Fresh and zesty with juicy berries

Orkney Rhubarb Old Tom

Tart rhubarb matched with classic Old Tom sweetness

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